The coaching 

Every coaching is somehow different. However, I have defined three areas as a reliable basis for my work.
The training and sports science background, the natural lifestyle of our ancestors and still existing primitive peoples, and my own experiences, mistakes and successes. Especially the latter. No two people are the same. However, passing on one's own experiences is often the key in coaching. 

During our collaboration, I don't just want to teach you exercises that you should simply imitate. Rather, I want to show you my idea of exercise and a natural lifestyle that will make you fitter, more mobile and healthier. How the coaching could look like, you can see here.

Personal Coaching 

Offline or online

In personal coaching, whether physical or virtual, we can devote ourselves entirely to your own story. I want to know many things: What your everyday life looks like, what kind of shoes your feet wear, what your past and present movement history looks like. I want to find out together with you which "construction sites" we can still work on in order to solve your problems, pains and dissatisfactions. Neither you nor I can do magic. But we can both change something and have an influence on each other.

1.0 Movement analysis

The basis for a healthy and sustainable cooperation.

In this important first session I get to know you and your movement intelligence. We talk, we find potential "construction sites" together and we immediately work out what you specifically need. I give you a plan that consists of pictures, videos, experiences, tips and ideas to help you get started. After a certain period of time, during which you have been able to gather knowledge, we will meet again if necessary and discuss how to proceed.

  • Standard frame: approx. 1,5 h 
  • Exclusive frame: approx. 3 h 
  • Individual support / mentorship

Individual financing possible. 

Price on request.

Please contact me about this.

2.0 Personal Coaching

The next step - the full range of movements for you.

A joint session of approx. 60 minutes that will bring you and your movement intelligence further. As I have already got to know you in the movement analysis, we can start directly on an individual basis. We mobilise joints, move vertebrae and strengthen your system. Barefoot or with shoes, you will feel your body again and become more aware of your everyday life. Whether it's a one-off to get to know my training philosophy and movement ideas or to train with me regularly - depending on your goals.

  • one unit
  • Package of 5
  • Package of 10 

Individual financing possible. 
Price on request.
Please contact me about this.

Online Coaching

You are not from Cologne or the surrounding area, but would still like to use my help? Then let's work together virtually. Thanks to my experience and two trained eyes, I can use video communication, telephone and chat to find out what causes the symptoms in your system.

We get to know each other in a free telephone conversation, in which you tell me about yourself and your goals. If we like each other and feel like working together, a 90-minute video conversation will follow. This session is super important and serves me as a virtual movement analysis for your individual video package. At regular intervals we communicate and readjust movements, exercises and progress. 

  • Movement analysis online 
  • Individual online training 
  • Individual support / mentorship = price on request

Individual financing possible. 
Price on request.
Please contact me about this.


My idea can be implemented very well in the workshop format.  It creates a framework that offers perfect conditions for exchange, learning and feeling. 

Whether you want to train privately with friends, run a fitness studio, are a physiotherapist, osteopath or podiatrist. 

I am looking forward to this special experience.

Corporate fitness

Are you lucky enough to work in an innovative environment with a focus on employee health? Or would you like to focus on the topic of "occupational health management" in your company? I offer to introduce my concept in your work environment. With the help of small changes and regular trainings, I will show you how your daily work routine can be more natural and healthier. 

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Ben Grümer
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„Eine Struktur wie der Fuß sollte sich in der Therapie erst fluffig und dann stark entwickeln."

Ben Grümer