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baremovement is not a training concept 
baremovement is a concept of life



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Movement coaching 
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What is your dream?

Are you looking for changes? Changes that will have a lasting and positive influence on your health on many levels? Do you have dreams that you want to realise in your life one day? Then I have solutions for you, your feet, your movement intelligence and your dreams. 

The idea

I believe we adapt to shapes, circumstances and movements that are not good for us holistically and affect us negatively in the long run. We wear shoes that do more than protect us. We spend a lot of time sitting on one of the most useful muscles evolution has formed. We have pain when we walk and run, even though we are masters of walking and running. So something is not right, in my opinion. 

My work

Do you have a hallux valgus, a flat splayfoot or painful feet? You had an injury like me and never want to have it again? Or do you just want to live a more mobile life? Then get in touch with me and we will start renaturation processes that will make you stronger, more anti-fragile and simply healthier.

Client feedback:

„Ben has a natural and almost sheltered way of responding to you. If you like coaches who respond to you individually and rather see success in step by step, Ben is the right person for you."
-Witali, Coaching and Barefoot Walking

"I unfortunately only became aware of Ben after my injuries. Not just a training plan I had to work through, but a movement philosophy that changed my everyday life and my thinking.
- Fabian, individual coaching

"I did an online coaching with Ben over 6 months. I can only recommend him highly. Lots of super great input and inspiration even beyond just coaching." - Heiko, Online Coaching

"Ben gives me very individually appropriate hints with which I can work on my little problems. I get along great with the videos, as the instructions are very easy to follow and leave room for variations." - Emre, online coaching

"I met Ben at workshops in the park. An expert in his field. Thanks to Ben I have experienced my body (and communication with my body) in a new way for me. Great recommendation!"
-Tilman, Workshops

"Very innovative training, which Ben imparts with wide-ranging expertise and a lot of patience. I was able to take a lot away from it." - Daniel, Individual Coaching

"After a long period of wearing orthopaedic insoles, which caused my feet to become weaker and weaker and I felt restricted in my freedom of movement, I turned to Ben. Already after the weeks of the first one-to-one coaching I noticed significant progress. Ben is very empathetic, listens attentively and manages to adapt to individual conditions and wishes. There is no standardised training plan, rather he gives you ideas and suggestions, always focusing on listening to your own body and finding out for yourself what is good for you. He always takes into account the interplay between body and mind. Sensing and breathing play a big role.
My expectations were completely fulfilled and this was definitely not the last coaching with Ben. In this respect: Warmest recommendation!"
- Lisa, individual coaching

"I went to Ben for one-to-one coaching due to complaints in my foot. Besides his expertise and new exercises, we had great conversations from which I can take a lot away. We talked about pain sensations, body awareness and feeling powerless. What I particularly enjoyed was that you noticed that Ben responds to you individually and doesn't want to force anyone into any way of life/direction - but simply wants to create awareness. You could open up and express your concerns at any time, nothing was "wrong" or "weird". Ben is also always available for follow-up questions and all communication is very personal. It was great coaching and with the new exercises at hand, the feeling of powerlessness has definitely shrunk - you can take pain into your own hands and do something about it. Thank you for that."
- Franzi, individual coaching


Ben Grümer
[email protected]


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„Antifragility is more than resilience or robustness. The resilient, the resistant withstands shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb